Page last Updated: 04/05/01

(04/05/01) - got its 6000 visit today! Also I added another story to the stories page. *And noone has emailed me about the personal challenge I put up on the stories page yet. It has been up for more than 3 months now. I am interested to see if anyone out there can beat my kick-off return record.

(03/24/01) - Fixed all of the team report pages. Added an explanation for the chart, as it was not very well explained.

(03/23/01) - Added two more records to the stories page.

(02/06/01) - Today I added Team Reports. These can be viewed from the Rankings page, by clicking on the team names. They can also be viewed by clicking on "Team Report" on any teams' stats page.

(01/25/01) - Added 2 more stories to the stories page and a Challenge.

(01/13/01) - Sorry it has been so long since the last update. I have been out of town for the entire Christmas break. Today I added several stories to the stories page. I hope to have some more updates soon.

(11/19/00) - Added more questions to the poll.

(11/15/00) - Added a poll today just for fun. Go check it out if you have a chance.

(11/14/00) - Got to 1000 hits today. Changed the site up a bit, it's blue now.

(11/09/00) - Added some more links to the links page. Changed some of the site up a bit. Please check out the links page as now I have links to a tournament, league and a tecmo competition. So, don't complain that there isn't any tecmo to play nowadays.

(11/07/00) - Added a links page, but I only have two links so far. If anyone has a tecmo related page, please email me and I will add a link.

(11/01/00) - Today racked up it's 300th hit! Also in the news, I updated the stats page a little bit.

(10/30/00) - I appologize to anyone who has tried to access the site over the past few days. Somehow the entire site got wiped out and I had to upload everything back up today. Not only that, but the uploads would not even work. Very annoying.

(10/29/00) - Added cut-offs to the records and rules pages. Look at them to see what I mean.

(10/26/00) - Added a new story to the stories page. You should read it. It is silly, and true.

(10/14/00) - Added Tips, Tricks and Strategies, Best Play Ever and Team Rankings pages. Also added a story to the stories page.

(10/10/00) - THE SITE IS FINALLY UP!!! Well, sort of. Sorry that it is in such shambles. I would also like to appologize for the lack of images on the site. Unfortunately the NFL will not allow any copyrighted team logos or any other pictures on any non-NFL affiliated site. So, for now, no pictures. Sorry. But I will try to keep updating the page as often as I can. Very soon, we will start a records section where you can send in records that you have accomplished during the season. For example, if you scored 230 touchdowns with Rice, that would merit us putting it up on the site.

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