Tecmo Super Bowl 2020 for Sega Genesis!

By TecmoSuperFan


Fixed problems with the Tennessee roster being the Houston Oilers still. Forgot to change it to where the Oilers read as Tennessee LOL

Update 2:
Updated the dates

Update 3:
Fixed Chris Carson's name
Changed skin tone on Frank Clark

Update 4: Week 3 Edition

Lots of key players added and removed.
Added: LeSean McCoy [KC]. Minkah Fitzpatrick [Pit], Jadeveon Clowney [Sea]
Removed: AB [Cut by NE and OAK in the course of a month], Melvin Gordon [Holdout], Trent Williams [Holdout]

Update 5: Long Overdue edition lol

Gave some much needed attunements to the depth charts for players, and gave some boosts. Also added Nick Bosa and a few other standouts that i didn't think to add during the season... whoops

Update 6: Possibly figured out the graphics bug i ran into. Can't name the Raiders "Las Vegas" without it bugging out, but "L.Vegas" doesn't bug the game out. Probably has to do with Oakland being seven letters long

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