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August 15, 2002 - Where does the time go? I've got several updates, but the big one is that I was involved in a Tecmo Tourney last night and even managed to guide the Tampa Bay Bucs to Tecmo Champion status.Main Street Cafe in downtown held the event on a couple of big screen TVs with 14 people showing up on a Wednesday night with very little advertising. The entire event was sponsered by Budweiser (Anheuser-Busch) who gave out all sorts of T-Shirts and the $4 pitchers/$1 draws were all good. (I wish they wouldn't have been out of Michelob as I could drink that all night.) They plan on doing some more tourneys so if you want to be sent an e-mail or some sort of notification, just shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] and I'll put you on a list of sorts.

More big news! Anyone remember the Tecmobowl.com site? It was a pretty cool site that was up until recently when it was taken offline. I e-mailed the owner about caching the site here and he was all for that. Thus, I present you with Tecmobowl.com. This site contains some excellent team summarizations and has the stats for every player in the game. If there are any other old school sites out there where you still have the files, I might be interested in doing the same.

In other site news, I'm down to 4 unidentified players in the TSB II section. (I'm sorry to the couple of guys who aren't getting front page recognition for their finds since I deleted those e-mails. Your names are on the page though.) The last 4 guys are left because they are really tough to figure out. I think I have the Green Bay player ID, but want to make sure that it is the right guy. I have some ideas on how to figure them out.

Captain Concussion of Super Friend fame has updated his profile on the site. He can no longer play tackle football due to being one hit away from having permanent "Stan Humpries eyes." Several other super friends have decided that my site might be cool enough to have a profile on. Possibly the last one in gets to be "Sea-Man."

Players from Tecmo Super Bowl still in the NFL are dropping like flies. Last year there were about 47 players on NFL squads, and now we're down to 31 with Rob Moore looking pretty iffy. Thank God for that Al Davis guy as he currently employs about 20% of these players including the great Rod Woodson.

Speaking of the Raiders, my new favorite NFL players has to be Jerry Porter of the Raiders. He has several journal entries this season for the Raiders about training camp, and when he isn't practicing, sleeping, or eating, he's playing Tecmo. The pages are down on the site right now put I will put the link up when they come back online. I might have to be a Raider's bandwagon fan this year as my beloved Giants aren't going anywhere.

Finally, if you want to get into some fantasy football leagues where guys won't just drop out or just ruin your league in general, check out the message board. There are several leagues with openings.

July 2, 2002 - Summer is here and updating websites isn't too big of a priority at this time. Siran Stacy as been identified on the TSB II list of unidentified players, I've added a couple more custom roms, and QB Eagles has decided that 39 is too old to play football. If the Red Sox go into too big of a swoon, I'm going to all but ready for the start of the NFL season.

May 11, 2002 - I have some more updates on the site. The first of which is a Tecmo QB rating calculator. The calculator will take attempts, completions, yards, TDs, and INTs and convert them not only into the same QB rating that the Tecmo game generates but also generates the NFL QB rating for comparison. For "normal" stats, the two numbers will be similar if not the same. Also, if you put in bogus numbers the calculator should return nothing right now. Also, I've added several custom roms to the site and plan to add more. If you have some roms that you want put on the site, feel free to e-mail me or stop by the message board.

May 3, 2002 - Has it been over a month since my last "journal" update to this site? It actually almost seems like longer. Anyway, here are the breakdown of the changes:
  • The Repository Message Board: The reasons for this addition were two fold. First, the Tecmo Inc message board, which was the main bastion of Tecmo talk on the internet, decided that it wanted to get tough on everyone and started locking topics and banishing members. The Tecmo community needed a place to exchange ideas and shoot the shit without having to worry about Big Brother. Also, my site had grown enough where it could have a message board that wouldn't be pointless and unused. I have to say the message board is cooler than any I would have expected to run on this site. There are refugees from the Tecmo Inc forum, people from the GameFaqs forum, and whoever has decided to stop by and join the party. The only problem right now is either lack of ram or my bandwidth upload cap. I think it's the ram and shall try and secure some in the near future.
  • HSTL Season 3: Last December I started playing in a online TSB League and inherited a Green Bay Packers team with QB Eagles and an excellent defense. The only problem was that my predecessor forgot to draft an defense and I didn't catch on to the timing of online play right away. Fast forward to the last couple of days and I have just completed the draft of new players as the Pittsburgh Steelers. I compiled a master draft list, made some trades, and ended up with a team quite comparable to the Houston Oilers with a little less speed but more hitting power and a better LB core. The only thing I will need to work on is getting my timing down and Joe Montana should lead the Steelers into the playoffs. Of course, I'm going by my alias of "Rod Woodson."
  • Old School Nintendo: I recently brought home my old NES system from my parents house. It had basically been sitting there unused for the last couple of year due to the cartridge connectors being shot and the power cord being broken. I found a site that documented out to fix the connector problem, figured out I could use a Sega Genesis power cable, and I managed to get Tecmo Super Bowl up and working again. I also ran Tecmo Bowl and found out that I have the version featuring Eric Dickerson. One other mod I tried since I had the game open was to convert the mono sound out to stereo sound out. It met with mixed review as the sound came out on both channels, but was quite weak. I don't have an amp to boost it so I will let that problem roll around in my head for a while.
  • Tecmo Tournament: One particularly eventful night I was hanging with Captain Concussion, Miser, and "Lazy-ass Super Friend who won't send in his profile." Anyway, we decided to play a small tournament where everyone was able to choose 3 playoff teams and guide them as far as possible using default play books. I ended up with the Giants, Bills, and Cardinals. The Cardinals were handily defeated as Johnny Johnson was the only thing doing and he fumbled twice. The Bills cruised up to the AFC Championship were they were shut down by the Raiders. The Giants won their first two game by approximately 72-0 as they trashed the undermanned NFC teams that had snuck into the play-offs. They held the 49ers to one TD and a blocked XP in the NFC championship game that they scored 28 points in despite an injured Ottis Anderson and Dave Meggett. Meggett came back for the Super Bowl where the Mighty Bombjack show was enjoyed and LT made Bo Jackson his bitch all day. The Giants scored on some quick outs to Stephen "Touchdown Maker" Baker and came away with a 14-7 victory and won a championship based solely on defense. If I haven't reset the game I can see if I can get final scores of the playoffs.
  • Custom Roms: I'm ready to start posting custom roms on my site now though I'm leery about the affect that this could have on my server if people feel the need to download anything they can and I don't want to just slap up some roms without some sort of ratings system, synopsis or what not. Feel free to travel to the message board to discuss such issues.

That is all for now with obviously more to come in the near distant future.....

March 28, 2002 - There are now only 6 players left to be identified for TSB II. If you've been holding off for the end, the end is near. In other news, I've put up a page with all the plays from TSB for the NES and matched them up with a name. The next time someone is talking about R & S Flare C you will be able figure out what they are talking about. Finally, Super Friend "The Spiteful One" has been added. Beware his spiteful nature as being spited by him should not be taken lightly.

March 25, 2002 - I've totally redesigned the page so it's easier for me to update and hopefully this will encourage me more. During this time I've added three more Super Friends by the names of Bull, Miser, and Brother Joe. I'm going to add a main Super Friends page and randomly add other items when I feel like it. One other note: you can now reach me via [email protected] with the e-mail as I've taken the time to implement stupid unix tricks.

March 6, 2002 - Tecmo is much more fun when played with others. Thus, I'm forming a Tecmo Super Friends section. Right now I have two Super Friends: Jaybird and Captain Concussion. Enjoy.

February 27, 2002 - It's been a while. I've been busy playing Tecmo, celebrating Valentine's Day, and adding another year to my belt. Also, I purchased a PHP book and have received quite a number of TSB II players in the last couple of days so no time like the present to come back again. My two submitters are FAQ writer Leif Powers and long time TSB II nemesis Jay Saunders who combined to ID 13 guys. By far the most interesting player of the bunch to me is former Heisman trophy winner Desmond Howard. Being a Giants fan in 1992 was tough enough without thinking that the Redskins would be unstoppable on offense after trading up for the #4 pick to get him. As it turns out Howard was fast but not quite a route runner as he officially cemented the label "draft bust" after the Redskins allowed the expansion Jaguars to draft him. They ended up cutting him the next season and you can read all about it in this great article on redskins.org. Howard finally did find success as a return man and was MVP of SB XXXI after putting the game away for the Packers with a 99 yard kick return.

February 12, 2002 - So much to do and so little time. In just recent news I have taken over as the commissioner of an online Tecmo league called the NTL or National Tecmo League. At this moment it is non-active and I'm trying to figure out how many team owners are still alive and breathing out there. I'll delve more into the subject once there is something worth writing about. Once again more members of the TSB II rom have been identified. Trevor Daly identified four Seahawks of which Tommy Kane was probably the coolest. BTW, if you're looking to further your education through learning a word a day, you'll be surprised to know that Trevor is a noted dendrophiliac. Web help is on the way and my next item of business to think about doing is posting various Tecmo related programs.

February 7, 2002 - I've been doing more behind the scenes work as I've set up a MySQL server and am attempting to pick up PHP in order to serve forth the data. As I delve more and more into the numbers involved with Tecmo, I find myself having less time to even think about rating custom Tecmo roms much less actually doing it. Thus, I'm ready to publicly start accepting applications for the soon to be highly prestigious Tecmo Rom rating group. I'll have more info at a later date when I finalize what I want to do but feel free to e-mail me if interested in the mean time. I plan on having the group limited to about 3 to 4 members. Finally, I've shrunk down the font on this page as I don't think it really needed to be so large.

February 4, 2002 - I didn't see the Patriots winning this game and this makes me glad I don't live near Vegas as I would have put big money on the Rams. Super Bowl party tip # 304: If you want to enjoy the Super Bowl, don't go to a party where there are going to be people who won't even be able to tell you who won the game the next day. In light of the recent play of the Super Bowl, I have compiled a list of players from the original TSB roster who are still in the league. There are 45 players left though there are several players who might not be around next year. Finally, four more TSB II unknowns have been identified including former Ram's DL monster Sean Gilbert. The weird thing about Gilbert is that as far as I can tell he's always been number 94, yet in TSB II and III he has the jersey number 90. Did he actually wear 90 with the Rams? If you can shed some light on the subject, let me know.

February 1, 2002 - I'm already having telnet based e-mail withdrawal issues. I despise web mail as it's slow and I don't particularly enjoy using pop mail clients as you have to worry about virii and crap like that. Anyway, Sean O'Donnell has come up seven more editions to the TSB II unknown player list. The most interesting would have to be Dave Waymer as a Raider. I've always associated him with the 49ers due to the original TSB. However, Waymer was a standout for the N.O. Saints from 1980-89 and is there all-time leader in interceptions. The other player of note in my mind is QB Vince Evans who finished his career as a Raider at the ripe age of 40. In other news, I've given put up a permanent "Links" link.

January 31, 2002 - Have you sent me an e-mail in the last couple of days? If so, chances are that I have not received them because after 6+ years my university account has been shut down. For now, refer to the mail address below. In other news, Zach of Puretecmo fame has correctly identified another TSB II unnamed player by the name of Steve Emtman. Emtman is the former #1 pick of the 1992 draft after a spectacular college career. This didn't translate into success at the NFL level as The Sporting News and Mel Kiper are quick to point out that he had a craptacular college career. Last but not least, I have received my Chris Berman bobblehead doll in the mail yesterday. I won it from ESPN in a contest a couple of months ago and it is pretty sweet. I think I will have to retire the Big Bird doll (long story) that guards my web server now and turn it into the "Chris Berman Booblehead Tecmo Web Server."

January 29, 2002 - I've created possibly the most comprehensive list of Tecmo sites....ever. Until I make a link on the side, you will just have to access it here. As far as the side menu goes, I think I might switch back to text as though the graphics look nicer, they seem to take just a little longer to load. BTW, if anyone wants a different description for their site because it's not interesting or descriptive enough, let me know.

January 26, 2002 - More behind the scenes updating as I've implemented the fun times web log analyzer, The Webalizer. I also noticed that the friendly virus infected computers on my "subnet" like to cruise my webserver and try to infect me with Nimda or Code Red. I've banned several of the I.P of the large offenders as I don't have the time to go on a witch hunt for virii. I'm finally working on posting and rating my first custom rom. The first rom will be the classic 1998 TSB rom featuring Jacksonville and Carolina in place of Baltimore and Atlanta.

January 25, 2002 - I've added a counter to this page to keep track of some of the traffic I've been receiving. I'm going to try and go through my logs tomorrow and see what kind of traffic I've been receiving and if any of my files are being leeched. Even if they aren't I'll soon be implementing some anti-leech tactics.

January 16, 2002 - Sixteen new members of the TSB II All-Time greats challenge. Art Monk was quite a surprise to me as I'd long thought him to have only played for the Redskins and didn't know that he played a season with the Jets in 1994 and in a couple of games for the 1995 Eagles. This also leads me to the realization that the 1994 Jets are quite the "freak show of athletes that you might associate with other teams and that were good five years ago." The team includes Boomer Esiason, Jack Trudeau, Johnny Johnson, Art Monk, Rob Moore, Ronnie Lott, Tony Casillas, and Nick Lowery. (Dan Snyder recently repeated this feat with such players as Jeff George, Deion Sanders, and Bruce Smith.)

January 11, 2002 - I have the attribute screens up for the TSB III All-Time greats. Maybe I'll feel a bit more like rambling later.

January 4, 2002 - Yesterday I took the time to go through the site to fix some links and correct any inaccuracies. Also, I added the Tecmo Bowl roms of Tecmo Bowl with Albert Bentley and Tecmo Bowl 1990 to the Nintendo Roms page. Finally, I'm working on posting the player pictures for the TSB III All-Time Greats. Here is a sample of Joe Montana appearing as QB G Niners.

January 2, 2002 - How many versions of Tecmo Bowl were released? Officially, I know there are two versions: A 1989 release with Eric Dickerson for the Colts and a 1989 release with Albert Bentley. However, I've also found what seems to be a 1990 version of the game possible released in Japan that has drastic roster changes. It's possible that this could be a hack, but all signs point to it as being some sort of official release which includes tell-tale Tecmo player name misspelling. I've also added a page which compares the two roms and highlights the changes. Finally, Hall of Fame member and Teri Hatcher cursed Howie Long has been identified in TSB II.

January 1, 2002 - It's a brand new year time for another update to the Repository. I've received some link lovage from Tecmo Super Bowl Heaven and have another one coming from The Tecmo Download Station. Perhaps I will make a links page, perphaps. Three more players have been added to the TSB II roster. Offensive Line legends Anthony Munoz and Bruce Armstrong along with one of many Bengal first-round busts, Jason Buck. (Isn't Bengal first round bust redundant?)

December 31, 2001 - New Years Eve! Good times, good times. Just a small update before the festivities begin. I have the rosters from the original Tecmo Bowl. It's kind of cool as a reference point, but I wish I had the actual attributes of the players. (if they actually have attributes) If anyone has them or can figure out how to pull them out of the rom, let me know.

December 30, 2001 - I removed the Rom part from the title of the name as it it implies that this site would just all be about roms. Also, I felt that I had enough of a start on the site to send some e-mails out to other Tecmo site owners about putting links on their sites. I've noticed that some of them haven't been updated in quite a while, so we will see if the link is put up.

December 29, 2001 - I'm back from Christams travelling so its time to update the site. I received my first e-mail about the unknown TSB II players and Zach is the proud identifier of Al Toon and Troy Brown. There are still plenty of players remaining though. Also, I have added a list of the All Time Greats for TSB III and the rest of the unidentified players for TSB for the NES and SNES.

December 23, 2001 - I added the 1993 and 1994 players to the list of unknown TSB II players and have combined them into one sheet. It's probably only a matter of time before I get bored and figure them all out myself. I still need to double check that I have all the players from the game as it was some late night work. In other news the Tecmo Inc. forum seems to be FUBARed. New topics can not be posted and only some topics can be posted on. Hopefully they will fix this soon, but I wouldn't bet on it due to the holidays.

December 21, 2001 - Nothing of significance to report but I'm working on getting the 93 and 94 players. Since there are a number of similarities, I will try and combine them into one STB II file.

December 20, 2001 - Yes I'm aware that the site sucks because there is little original content but poinder this brain nugget: Where are all the banners? There are none as this isn't Geocities, so much like Rich Gannon we're only getting better with age. So Mr. Josh E. Style, I give you the quest for the unnamed Tecmo soldiers of Tecmo Super Bowl II. Enjoy.

December 19, 2001 - I'm putting up my e-mail address so that you can comment, bitch or ask questions about the site. I just received the Tecmo Super Bowl II cartridge that I purchased for the Genesis and as expected, it's quite disappointing. However, it completes my collections of games with the exception of the Playstation Tecmo Bowl.

December 17, 2001 - I've finally joined an online Tecmo league. After pondering the idea for quite a while I've joined the High Speed Tecmo League. I was going to join a different league before I started looking all over but after playing against a lagged out modem user, I decided it was high speed or nothing. Currently I'm 0-2 with a 0-3 team for a cumulative 0-5 record. Both games were close so it's only a matter of time before I lead the Packers to victory. This might take some time that I would have spent on this site, but I hope to test out custom roms while I'm away for Christmas. My four fantasy teams are all in contention for championships though Dante Culpepper's knee might kill two of those teams. Finally, don't ever link this sight to the forum at Tecmo Inc or it will get you banned. I know from experience.

December 15, 2001 - I've finally have the initial version of the website finished with the original roms available for download. I might "advertise" my site on with several other Tecmo sites in their links section, but as of right now I don't plan on registering the site with any search engines. I'm also going to try to keep the design of the site simple in the beginning as content is much more important than eye candy.

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