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--== Tecmo Repository ==--

The first edition of the original Tecmo Repository, the site that would eventually become Tecmobowl.org

--== Tecmobowl.com ==--

Tecmobowl.com: The original version of the site hosted at tecmobowl.com from 2000-2001

--== JG Games ==--

Early 2000s collection of small editors for NHL94, Tecmo Super Bowl SNES, Ken Griffey Jr, Tecmo Super Bowl NES Endzones, and SNES palettes

--== Dynastyphile ==--

Dynastyphile: A self-serve site for hosting Tecmo Super Bowl leagues located at tecmobowl.net. Site as the ability to take in save states and display standings and statistics.

--== High Speed Tecmo League ==--

One of the earliest online Tecmo Super Bowl leagues and certainly the oldest still active. Name denotes players needed a connection faster than a dialup modem to particpate. League is an original rom redraft league.

--== Tecmo 2K ==--

Modern day NFL roster redraft Tecmo Super Bowl League

--== World Tecmo Federation ==--

Longstanding dynasty Tecmo Super Bowl League

--== Sois Tecmo League ==--

Groundbreaking Dynasty and Salary Cap League back after a decade long hiatus.

--== Pacific Northwest Tecmo ==--

Home to statistics to the offline Casacdia Fucking Tecmo meetup for the Pacific Northwest Tecmo group.

--== Tecmo After Dark ==--

Retro League run by the Pacific Northwest Tecmo group.

--== High Speed Tecmo League:G League ==--

Due to the popularity of the HSTL, a development league was started that went with G despite the lack of Gatorade money.

--== High Speed Tecmo League:D League ==--

The 3rd tier of the HSTL advance and relegation league system.

--== [Defunct] - High Speed Retro League ==--

Redraft HSTL-styel league based on a retro roster.

--== [Defunct] - World Tecmo Federation University ==--

Inactive College football dynasty league

--== [Defunct] - Puretecmo.com ==--

The home to the first self run Online Tecmo forums

--== About ==--
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