Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES Plays

For all of those who can't associate a play name with a picture, I present the complete list of Tecmo Plays.

Run 1

T Fake Sweep R

T Power Sweep R

WTE Offtackle R

OneSetBack L

R & S Sweep L

FB Offtackle R

FB Open L

Toss Sweep R

Run 2

T Power Dive

FB Offtackle L

R & S Draw

Pitch L Fake

Oneback Sweep R

Weakside Open

T Offtackle R

T Sweep Strong

Run 3

Shotgun Draw

R & S Sweep R

T Cross Run L

Slot Offtackle

Cross Offtackle

Pitch L Open

WR Reverse R

WR Reverse L

Run 4

R & S QB Run

Shotgun Sweep L

R & S QB Sneak

OneSetBack Dive

Pro T Dive

FB Power Dive

Shotgun C Draw

Reverse Pitch R

Pass 1

Pro T Waggle L

R & S Flare C

Pro T Waggle R

Roll Out R

Roll Out L

T Play Action D

Pro T Screen L

Play Action

Pass 2

Pwr Fake Z Post

WTE F-Flicker

Shotgun X Curl

R & S Z Fly

Pro T Flare D

Offset Flare E

Oneback Z Cross

Oneback Flare A

Run 3

T Flea Flicker

PWR Fake X Fly

Shotgun X Drive

R & S 3-Wing

Playaction Z In

Flea Flicker

Pro T Flare C

Shotgun 3-Wing

Run 4

Shotgun XY Bomb

R & S Y Up

X Out and Fly

Rev-Fake Z Post

Slot L Z Drive

No Back X Deep

Shotgun Z S-In

Redgun Z Slant