Tecmo Information Sites

Tecmo Super Bowl Heaven - by Rmm1976 - My favorite Tecmo site as it covers most aspects of Tecmo Super Bowl and is even updated from time to time.

Tecmo Super Bowl . Com - by Jeff Gaffney - Very informative Tecmo site that is among my favorites of all time.

T.P.A. - Tecmo Players Association - by TecmoTimes - The place for finding a random online Tecmo partner as it maintains a list of online players. The site also contains a FAQ about playing online along with several of the original roms.

The Tecmo Download Station - by Jeff Taff - A rom downloading site as the name implies with all the usual suspects plus Division III football and even High School roms.

Pure Tecmo - by Zach - The legitimate business arm of the online Tecmo league evil empire.

Tecmo Inc. - The official Tecmo Inc. English website

Emuware - The creators of the Tecmo Super Bowl editors that have spurred the creation of all the TSB roms you see out there today.

TSB Records - by J-Diddy - A mind boggling collection of season stats by an avid TSB player.

Slig's Tecmo Super Bowl - by Slig - More fun filled Tecmo seasons with which to compare and contrast.

The Tecmo Bowl Adventure - A sight filled with some unique stylings on TSB.

Tecmo Clubs / Message Boards

Tecmo Inc. User Forum - The definitive Tecmo message board that is hosted by Tecmo Inc. I'm the guy in yellow that goes by the name of Rod Woodson.

Tecmo Super Bowl Heaven Message Board

Tecmo Football Players Club - A Yahoo Tecmo messages board that is slightly active and contains various Tecmo links

Tecmo Super Bowl @ GameFAQs - A decent Tecmo message board. Don't expect too much along the lines of high brow message posting and topics disappear after 20 days of inactivity.

Tecmo Super Bowl III @ GamesFAQs - A quite small message board that holds a place in my heart for my favorite version of the Tecmo series.

Tecmo Online Leagues

HSTL - High Speed Tecmo League - A Tecmo league played with the original players and only high speed internet connections.

WTL - World Tecmo League - Customized Tecmo League with modern players, round robin scheduling, and custom team names.

OTFL - Online Tecmo Football League - Oldest current league that now has 3 current spin-off leagues of the same name.

Football Stats References

Pro - The best place on the net for NFL football stats.

NFL - Quite an interesting stat page that contains everything from jersey numbers to team histories.

USFL and Remember the USFL - Two pages that detail most everything about the defunct United States Football League that ran three seasons from 1983-1985. The all-time team is filled with NFL stars.

Dan Marino (the best passer ever) - Although I neither agree nor disagree with this statement, this has to be the freakiest Dan Marino shrine I've ever seen. Try minimizing and maximizing the screen as you listen to Dan Marino welcome you. LACES OUT!

Non-Active Tecmo Pages

Tecmo MANIA - This site is awesome because of one reason: The Dan Marino school of quarterbacking!!! If you've never taken the test, you are missing out.

Quorthon's Hall of Tecmo Records - I've come across some terrible web sites in my time, but this must be the worst site I've ever seen. I send you and your cutting edge 1997 web skills back to the midi playing hell from whence you came. Be sure to pick up Scott Mitchell along the way.

NTFL - National Tecmo Football League - The renegades of defunct

Tecmo Super Bowl Community - Home to some sort of defunct league that possibly tortured their members by having them stare at the star-filled start screen of TSB.

Tecmo Insider - Home to the defunct non-online Cincinnati Tecmo Football League

Internet Tecmo Football League - Online league that has been determined to be the first ever through carbon dating.

VTTFL - Virginia Tech Tecmo Football League - The original super cool Tecmo site on the internet has been reduced to a site that forwards to a blank page and hasn't been updated since 1999. Guess what? It's still cool.

The Tecmo Super Bowl Record Book - A listing of Tecmo Records submitted by you the viewing audience

Ken Schmidt's Page of Stupid Tecmo Tricks - I made up that entire title, except for the Ken Schmidt part.

The Eureka Tecmo League - Eureka College's proud home of Tecmo Football

Tecmo Super Bowl Rosters - Basically a TSB rom download page that features quite a few 1998 rosters. If you are an Atlanta Falcon fan, this might be your Tecmo Mecca.

Framingham Tecmo Super Bowl League - PSX Tecmo Super Bowl killed these people... However, it is the only website that I know of which features PSX player attributes. Too bad the game killed them before they could finish....

Tecmo Records - If you enjoy Tecmo Records and pop-up ads, you probably will enjoy this site. On a side note, it does have the redeeming quality of listing all the players from TSB for the NES who are still in the NFL today. That list was made in August 2001 to date it for you.

TSB Hacks - This site might or might be active, but it doesn't matter as even though it talks about all the hacks made you can't actually download any.