Custom Tecmo Super Bowl Roms

SNES TSB 2002 Preseason - By Bgiadam - SNES version of preseason 2002 NFL season as of June 14, 2002.
NES TSB Dynasties - By Ren6175 - All 28 Tecmo team are represented by one of the franchise's best years
NES TSB 2001 Post Season - By Jaybird with help from the staff at
NES TSB All-GameFaqs Team - This is the original rom with the Patriots replaced by members from the TSB message board on By Nester the Great
NES TSB 1984-1985 Season - By Bgiadam
NES TSB 1983-1984 Season - By Bgiadam
NES TSB 1990-1991 Season - By Bgiadam (Basically the original with some minor tweaks in personnel)
NES TSB 1991-1992 Season - By Bgiadam